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Veronica Coulston

"A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art".
Paul Cezanne



I was born in Prague to a family with an artistic background. Both my parents are artists and also my grandfather and uncle. I have been surrounded by art  my  entire life.


My favorite childhood memories are of my beautiful mother, standing at her easel with paintbrush swishing over the canvas in long determined strokes. Despite inheriting an innate feeling for art, and receiving training from my family, due to other responsibilities, it hasn’t been until recently (2010)  that I have had time to devote myself to my passion.


Although I like painting a variety of subjects, from landscapes and animals to still life, I have found I enjoy painting portraits and figures most of all – each face and figure is so different and fascinating. I admire the works of the Impressionist Masters, but  John Singer Sargent, Bouguereau, and Pietro Annigoni are also among my favorites. Of the impressionists,  Renoir’s portraits in particular I love. It is amazing how he captured the ‘soul’ of his subject with such delicate, yet seemingly imprecise touches of the brush, bringing softness, and at the same time such expressiveness to the face. This is what I would like to eventually achieve.

Due to having started taking painting seriously only a few years ago, I am still developing my style. I am caught somewhere in between impressionism and realism. It is a work in progress, but I definitely prefer a looser brush.

​I live with my husband, a boxer dog, and a cat, in Kentucky, USA. I work out of my studio at home.

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